+2 Science

  • Duration: 2 year
  • Level: Higher Secondary Education
  • Board: Nepal Education Board

This course is for the students opting to create a career in the field of Science and Technology. The course in science provides opportunities to the students to pursue a career in the field of Medicine, Technology, Engineering, Biochemistry and other applied and theoretical natural science sectors.

Grade XI Grade XII
English English
Physics Physics
Mathematics Chemistry
Chemistry Nepali
Bilology Biology or Mathematics
Computer Science

Objectives of Tilottama H.S. School

To provide practical and value based quality education for promising young talents to carve their careers.

To generate decent human value and ethical human behavour in the students.

To provide highly disciplined and friendly atmosphere.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must have passed SEE examination or equivalent, at least B Grade for science. (B+ in Comp. Maths, Opt. Maths, Science and English). Students have to pass the entrance examination held by Tilottama.

Entrance Examination

Tilottama Higher Secondary School conducts a comprehensive evaluation system including written examination to select highly motivated group of students. The details of the entrance examination are given below:

Streams Content Evaluated Duration
Science English
Compulsory & Opt. Mathematics
General knowledge
2 Hours
The question format for the entrance examination will include multiple choice questions and some structured based questions. Entrance questions will be based on the secondary level curriculum with minor changes.

Scholarship Scheme

Tilottama provides full and partial scholarship for 5% to 10% students every year based on the following criteria.

As per the recommendation of NEB.

First 24 studetnts in entrance exam held by Tilottama (SEE + entrance score.)

The needy and meritorious students.

SEE district toppers.

Teaching Pedagogy

Students must have passed SEE examination or equivalent, at The faculty members of Tilottama use modern teaching methodology to deliver their lectures by using multimedia and audio visual aids in addition to white boards in the classrooms. Teaching methodology will be balanced between the oratory method as well as the participatory method.